The AGX Fund

The AGX Fund invests in early to mid-stage companies that are looking for more than just capital. The AGX Fund takes an active role in its investments helping enterpreneurs grow their business by providing them with infrastructure, resources, connections and advice. Our typical investment focus is on technology and marketing companies. If you'd like to discuss a possible investment, please feel to reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you!

More Than Just Money...

Leverage Experience

Our management team has experience in funding and growing enterprises. Our team consists of members who have ran publicly traded companies and who have grown national brands. We use this experience to help you navigate your company to success.

Leverage Technology

We believe technology is more than just software. Technology is anything that can improve a current product, process, or experience. We utilize technology in all of our investments, and offer centralized technology resources such as data storage, hosting, and more.

Leverage Marketing

Our team has spent millions in national advertising, and this experience allows us to provide you with valuable insights into your distribution. Additionally, our marketing relationships can open up new doors for your company and help you take your product distribution to the next level.

Leverage People

While we love technology, technology is only complimentary to humans. We believe in order to build a great company, you must first build a great team. Through years of experience, we have a robust rolodex of valuable resources that can help grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Invest in the AGX Fund?

No. The AGX Fund is an initiative by the principals of AGX and our partners. The AGX Fund is closed and doesn't accept new investors, as opposed to a standalone fund which is open to outsiders. We're looking for investment opportunities, not investors.

How do I submit a business plan?

Please submit your business plan to us by e-mail. Kindly include a market overview, a team overview, a technology overview, a production description, and a business model overview. All submissions will be reviewed and followed up with a phone call.

Will AGX sign a NDA?

Given the quantity of business plans that we receive, we don't sign NDAs, but protecting entrepreneurs' ideas is at the heart of our business. Please feel free to forward a non-confidential investor presentation and we'll get back to you on next steps.

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